Criminal Minds

I've been sitting here for half an hour deciding whether i should start this blog off with "heyy" or "hello everyone". Casual or Classy? Laid Back or Professional? Well anyways, you pick whichever one you like more and pretend like that's how it started off (: As you can tell by the name of my blog, I'm a pretty HUGE criminal minds fan, so follow me to enjoy a collection of amazing Criminal Minds posts!


Favourite On-Screen Friendships | Morgan & Garcia Criminal Minds

GARCIA: How often do I tell you I love you?

MORGAN: Every day it’s implied.


Criminal Minds 8x16 - “Carbon Copy” by Virgil Williams

D.I. River: I just wanted to say thank you…
Derek: Don’t mention it.

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When Jack called Rossi “Uncle Dave” I melted.

This refused to work as a photo post…

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Morgan & Rossi | Into The Woods, 6x09